U.S. foreign policy has stalled in key regions as the Biden administration focuses on China as its paramount threat. It’s allowed Beijing to present itself as a superior alternative as it seeks to become the top global superpower, according to experts.

“I think the U.S. policy has been one of paralysis,” Dr. Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow of the Heritage Foundation for Change of Strategy and author of “The Hundred Year Marathon,” told Fox News Digital. “Not backing off, but it’s just very little is actually happening other than the military support of the Ukrainian resistance to Putin’s invasion and various other fronts.

“I don’t see any new Biden doctrine, do you? I don’t see a new foreign policy,” he added. “They attack the Trump administration more than they put forward their own ideas.”

The State Department told Fox News Digital the Biden-Harris administration has “a clear strategy” for the Middle East and Africa, two regions of intense interest for both China and Russia as the¬†competition for energy resources¬†pushes more diverse investment from world superpowers.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/us-foreign-policy-paralysis-allowed-060016686.html