The Aspen Strategy Group cordially invites you to a discussion of issues from The Struggle for Power: U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century, the latest edition of the Aspen Strategy Group’s series of publications released annually to inform timely debates in the public domain about ongoing foreign policy challenges and emerging threats to U.S. national security.

The book features essays commissioned for the 2019 Aspen Strategy Group Summer Workshop, a nonpartisan meeting of senior national security professionals, China experts, journalists, academics, and private sector leaders.

The chapters in this volume deal with issues ranging from the military and technological rise of China and how to compete effectively, to how to engage U.S. allies amidst this new great-power rivalry, keeping in mind two central questions about the U.S.-China relationship: Is our analysis correct about the challenges China poses to our future? And, do we have the right balance between cooperation and competition with Beijing?

Panelists include: Condoleezza RiceNicholas BurnsKathleen HicksAnja ManuelKurt Campbell, and Mike Pillsbury.

To download this policy book, please click here.