China is not America’s friend. That’s the lesson nobody but a handful seemed to understand in March 2020—until the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic revealed China put China first. One of the leading voices warning about China’s threat to the West is Michael Pillsbury. Pillsbury appeared on today’s Lou Dobbs’ Show and provided critical new details about the origin of the outbreak.

Also, in a Machiavellian maneuver, China is trying to exploit the coronavirus Pandemic to weaken America.

“We are underestimating China’s competitive drive to surpass us,” Pillsbury told Dobbs. “Lou, what they want to come out of this coronavirus crisis is to be number one in the world.”

Pillsbury explained that too many in America’s Political and Business Elite are guided by wishful thinking about China. They believe China wants to reform and is a friend. China’s conduct shows otherwise.

Pillsbury’s 2014 book The Hundred-Year Marathon detailed China’s goal—to knock the US from its position as the global hegemon and replace America. China’s goals would weaken freedom and make the world much less safe. The book is excellent. If you haven’t read it, get it.

But back to the Dobbs interview.

Pillsbury provides some critical details about the funny business happening at China’s virology lab in Wuhan. Pillsbury said Chinese researchers were adding “gain of function” to viruses extracted from bats.

“In theory, this is extremely dangerous,” Pillsbury said. “Why would the United States fund her to do this?”

Adding to the growing questions about the virus is the fact that the “Wet Market” in Wuhan is probably not the epicenter of the outbreak.

“This may have a different origin,” Pillsbury said. “The mystery is getting deeper.”

Pillsbury explains much more in the video clip. You should watch it. He details how lab accidents happen—even happening in the US at the CDC, where a test went wrong in Atlanta.

Also, watch the video to see Pillsbury’s discussion about China’s bioweapons philosophy—what is called the “Seventh Domain of War” by Chinese generals. A Chinese general even shows up in some of the virology lab’s research, according to Pillsbury. Watch the interview.